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HUDSON releases 1.42+ SHARK into the Wild

Trevor Jones U23 World Champion 2017 and 2018
Canada - 2017 and 2018 U23 World Champion
USA - 2018 Junior World Champion
USA - 2018 Junior World Champion

Designed to fit taller and heavier athletes with a custom extended cockpit and additional freeboard to accommodate the dynamic and hydrodynamic effects created by athletes in the target weight range – 215-245lbs (98-111kg)

This hull was previously a custom modification for a select number of elite athletes, including: the 2017 & 2018 U23 M1x World Champion, the 2018 Junior M1x World Champion, Junior World Record Holder on C2 Erg, and select Gold Cup M1x’s.

The need for a Bigger Boat was clear and now the 1.42+ SHARK is available to all.

Contact a HUDSON sales rep for further details.

Isaiah Harrison
C2 Ergometer Junior World Record Holder
Arshay Cooper
Author of 'A Most Beautiful Thing'

HUDSON Named Official Boat Supplier by Row Ontario

HUDSON Named Official Boat Supplier by Row Ontario

AMBT Position Statement


The intense spot light on racial inequality and social injustice cannot be turned away, turned down, or turned off. The language used in a recent FB reply to Patrick Johnson by a rowing industry vendor was oppressive, unacceptable, and demands accountability. ‘Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence; does more than represent the limits of knowledge; it limits knowledge’ -Toni Morrison As an industry leader, HUDSON affirms that racism, discrimination, inequality, and social injustice have no place in our sport, community, and society. We recognize the need to remove inclusion barriers and create opportunity for lasting change. HUDSON has proudly supported the work of Arshay Cooper since the 2019 Chicago Sprints. Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, HUDSON was united with Arshay’s movement and committed to continue, putting action to words. In partnership with Arshay; HUDSON will enable and amplify his Vision; To support, coach, mentor under resourced athletes, facilitating the creation of future leaders in the Social Justice movement through Rowing, Entrepreneurship, and Career Experiences. ‘You can do some rather extraordinary things if that’s what you believe’ -Toni Morrison More, following Arshay’s anticipated Book release and film by the same name; A Most Beautiful Thing. Read the book June 30th See the film July 17th Rock the Boat with @beashark @arshaycooper @thegoldcup @hocr1965 @concept2inc @criboston @crewcoachpatrick and all who put action to words. @amostbeautifulthing, #AMBT #BLM #sharkvision #rocktheboat

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HUDSON has developed a partnership as the exclusive boat supplier with Hydrow;

Powered by Live Outdoor Reality, Hydrow is a state-of-the-art erg that streams immersive workouts led by world-class athletes live from waterways around the world. Hydrow brings the experience of rowing in synchronicity on the water to thousands of new rowers at home.

Based in Boston and Miami Beach, each Hydrow athlete is provided a custom USP 1x for training and filming with a fleet of 2x’s and 4x’s available for mixing and matching crews to shoot live on-water workouts. 
HUDSON also supports Hydrow by sourcing matching boats for filming workouts in iconic and interesting locations around the world.

“When it came time to select equipment for our athletes, we knew there was only one call to make. HUDSON is the perfect partner – their support has allowed us to bring rowing directly into users’ homes, unlocking rivers and waterways around the globe in a completely new way.”– Matt Lehrer, Hydrow

HUDSON is a World Rowing Partner, Official Supplier to Rowing Canada and US Rowing, Gold Boat Builder for Head of the Charles, exclusive boat partner with The Gold Cup and Hydrow.

HUDSON - Hydrow around the world

Loch Ness
Loch Ness, Scotland


British Parliment
British Parliament, England


Port of Redwood City
Port of Redwood City, CA


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