Product description

Discover the Open Water with the new HUDSON Coastal 1x.

Go where flat-water hulls don’t dare and attack the Open Water and Coastal elements. Designed for the rower who wants to explore larger bodies of water or train for competition in the new Olympic Sport. Our Coastal hull combines HUDSON athlete-focused design and technology-driven engineering.

The Coastal SHARK has a dynamic and durable design ensuring optimal performance in a variety of open water conditions. Its unique hull shape pierces waves, providing surprising stability while maintaining speed.

The Coastal SHARK is built with durability in mind, with minimal opportunity for saltwater corrosion and impact resistance to endure regular beach launching and landing.

Aluminum Stealth (bow) mount rigger with Quick Release Cam Lock and Keyed mounting makes for easy set-up and rigging. Aluminum Foot Stretcher with adjustable plastic Active Tool shoes meets the diverse needs of a one-size-fits-most Coastal hull size.

The open transom facilitates cockpit drainage for enhanced personal safety. A fixed mesh bag securely holds a life jacket and waterproofed personal items.

HUDSON continues to push the pace of high-performance rowing while pushing new boundaries with the Coastal SHARK. Flat water or open water, explore or compete, now everyone can be a SHARK!

1X Single
1X Single

‘It’s a versatile hull shape with moderate fullness in the ends, which makes it easy to move through the water no matter what weight of rower is providing the power. The transom is wide to reduce pitching at the catch and the deck opens aft to allow water an easy exit. The bow shape is full enough on the underside to provide buoyancy in waves so that the bow will lift. However, in more extreme conditions the bow will immerse, and the deck is shaped so it facilitates water shedding.

Overall length, beam and weight are set to conform to the World Rowing standard.’

Steve Killing, P.Eng

Model name Length (ft) Length (m) Weight ranges (kg) Weight ranges (lbs)
19' 7"