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Ace Trumps King

Sunday, December 18th, 2011  

Cambridge Trials: December 18, 2011 - Images by Shivani Parmar

December has been a busy month for crews from both Cambridge (CUBC) and Oxford (OUBC) universities  in preparation for April's Boat Race Competition. The 13th of December was an action packed day as the CUBC heavyweights raced down the famous Boat Race course testing each other as well as the new Hudson S8.31 8+ (165-200lbs) against its predecessor the S8.41 8+ (185-225lbs). In a tight race where the lead was exchanged multiple times, 'Daggger' in the S8.31 came out Victorious. 

Although the tradition of the 156 year old contest between Cambridge and Oxford crews has been popularized by the heavyweights a competition between lightweight crews from each university, also known as "the other boat race," is now entering its 36th year.

On December 18th both Cambridge (CULRC) and Oxford (OULRC) lightweights held their Trial Eights racing on the Henley Royal Regatta course at Henley-on-Thames. Similar to the heavyweight trials, the lightweights also provide unique crew names for their inter-squad racing. This year the CULRC crews that squared off against each other in a head to head battle were named 'Ace' and 'King.' As a reference to the brands of boats used for the duel, the 'Ace' crew raced off in a 2011 Hudson Hammerhead S8.21 8+ while the 'King' crew rowed in a King 8+. 

In an exciting race for the CULRC 'Ace,' racing in the Hudson S8.21, won by a final verdict of 1 boat length. For more information on the the Lightweight Boat Race visit

More details are to follow. 

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