Speed Rail


Inspiration comes from all corners of the Hudson family, and this case it came from a valued customer. Tired of debris accumulating in the slides, the light bulb went off - why not invert the slides?

The idea was deceptively simple and, in the spirit of creating the Ultimate racing shell, every aspect was scrutinized. Apart from the debris shedding property of the profile, the Speed Rail™ allows the wheel to better engage the slide to stay more connected, even as athletes twist out to the catch. Additionally every Speed Rail™ is treated with a more corrosion resistant, self-lubricating surface.

Debris shedding. Smoother running. Positive connection.

Deeper Dive

For a deeper dive on any of the constituent features that make the Speed Rail™, follow along:

Speed Rail™

Speed Rail™ Stops

Speed Rail™ Bearing

Speed Rail™ Wheel