Carbon Power Board


The footboard is one of three contact points with the boat. When properly adjusted, the footboard can impact the athlete's body angle at the catch, drive, stroke length and ultimately performance. The Carbon Power Board with Q-stance™ has been designed to maximize performance by:


  • allowing for the wider Q-Stance™
  • integrating directly with a Quick Release System
  • having the ease and flexibility to optimize each athletes position
  • providing a lightweight, highly efficient power transfer system 


The Carbon Power Board with Q-stance™ can be adjusted to a wide range of measurements to fit any athlete's anthropometrics.  Measurements for height are marked on the board with printed, easy-to-read gradations, enabling the athlete to make small, yet accurate, on-water adjustments without the use of tools. 

Deeper Dive

For a deeper dive on any of the constituent features that make the Carbon Power Board, follow along:

Carbon Power Board


Ergonomic Fasteners

Carbon Toe-Bar and Downtube


Printed Scale

Notched Channels


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