Performance Partners share their experiences with HUDSON.

I have had dealings with many boat manufacturers world-wide and without a doubt HUDSON is a leader in their industry.  They lead by continually striving towards improving their product through innovation, technology, and manufacturing process.

HUDSON stand apart in their quest to build better boats by engaging coaches and athletes and simply asking ‘how can we make our product better for you’ .

HUDSON also stand behind their product by offering a service team that is always on hand, whether by phone or at the many regattas world-wide.  They have been my boat builder of choice for many years because of their proven track record of providing a quality product that has always meet specification. 

John Keogh - 2016
Performance Director – Women
Rowing Canada Aviron - London, ON, Canada

When we’re buying a boat, we’re looking for no-excuse, no-compromise equipment. Easy to rig, easy to work on, easy to go fast in. If we need anything – parts, support, advice – the team at HUDSON is always available, always helpful. If we lose, we know it’s not the boat. Rowing HUDSON means we’re focused on the athletes, not the equipment.

Brian de Regt - 2016
Head Boys Coach
Oakland Strokes - Oakland, CA, USA

My relationship with HUDSON, and consequently that of Eton College Boat Club, is partnership. It does not feel like a simple deal between customer and supplier, but rather a long term relationship built on trust between groups of experts. Eton's boat club is supported in its aim to provide an excellent rowing experience for our boys by HUDSON's creative thinking which delivers innovative products manufactured to exacting standards of design quality, delivered and supported by a team that believes in us as much as we trust in HUDSON.

Alex Henshilwood - 2016
Head Coach
Eton College Boat Club - Windsor, UK

We searched the world over to choose a boat manufacturer, and Hudson clearly has the best manufacturing process and the best customer service in rowing.  Hudson is also far ahead of other manufacturers in their understanding of wave drag, and deliver boats that are comfortable and durable.  They are a tremendous partner that we recommend without hesitation.

Bruce H. Smith - 2016
Executive Director
Community Rowing Inc - Boston, MA, USA

Since my connection with Hudson started in 2010, the support I have received has made me wonder why I'd use any other boat manufacturer! The attention to detail in both construction and customer service leaves the rest trailing in their wash. Hudson is the boat of choice for all my athletes with GB squad aspirations and I actively encourage others that they are the way to go. My athletes and myself feel like we are part of a wider community, not just buying a boat off the shelf.

In terms of innovation, every season there is a better way to do something coming out of Hudson. Be it basic hull lay up or easier foot angle adjustment; they are always looking for a better and more efficient way to do it. If I have a problem or an idea, Hudson are the first people I approach and they are the first people to do something about; always for the better!

Franz Imfeld -2016
Development Coach
Molesey Boat Club - East Molesey, UK

I’ve worked with Hudson for years now, in two different countries and am constantly impressed with their customer support, assistance and responsiveness. Whether it be about a quote or seeking advice on an existing shell Craig and his team are first class. As for the boats themselves, there’s a reason I only buy Hudson and it’s that the quality, workmanship and innovation are second to none and the hulls are extremely reliable and resilient which is what we look for in a school rowing program. 

David Neuhaus - 2016
MIC, Head and 1st VIII Coach : Rowing
St. Stitians College - Sandton, South Africa

I have been very pleased with Hudson Boatworks since starting to work with them in 2009 with a demo 8+.  They have taken suggestions I have had and incorporated that into their design of the hull and the riggers and their customer service is outstanding; making sure we are taken care of when traveling, getting us parts very quickly, following through right away with any warranty issue and just recently allowed us to take a demo when we lost a 4+ off our trailer. Our coaches/rowers/coxswains are very happy with Hudson!

Kevin Sauer - 2016
Head Coach
University of Virginia Women’s Rowing, Charlottesville, VA, USA

We have worked with Hudson as a performance partner for a number of years, with them fitting our ShoePlate Pro as standard in every boat since 2011.  We have found them to be true innovators in their field. They are pushing the boundaries of boat design with a real view to improving how the athlete experiences the equipment they row with. That is a significant point of difference and it will have a worldwide affect on the sport.

Hudson’s open minded, technical and passionate pursuit of the best boat with the perfect rowing experience is what sets their service and products apart from the rest.

Dr Ed Wittich - 2016
Performance Innovation
BAT Logic, melbourne, Australia

We began using Hudson in 2007 and have not once regretted this decision. With Hudson we have won numerous National age group titles and the coveted Maadi Cup and Springbok Shield for Secondary School Under 18 eights and fours supremacy on eight occasions since 2007. The quality of technology and innovative design has attracted immense attention from our competitors throughout New Zealand and in some parts of Australia.

The service we have been accorded is of the highest standard that I have ever personally experienced.

We are proud to be associated with Hudson and look forward to continuing our successful relationship in the future.

Glenn Ross - 2016
Director of Rowing
Hamilton Boys High School - Hamilton, New Zealand

Andrew, Craig and the entire HUDSON team went out of their way to support our program as we prepared for and raced at the 2015 Henley Royal Regatta in an S8.31 -- our first experience rowing a HUDSON.  Their collective knowledge, attention to detail, and genuine focus on making our athletes comfortable in the shell played a significant role in our crew achieving Gonzaga's best-ever finish (semi-finals) in the event.  After such a positive initial experience in and out of the shell, it was an easy decision to purchase our first HUDSON this year.

Marc Mandel - 2016
Head Rowing Coach
Gonzaga College High School - Washington, DC, USA

This season was our first involved with HUDSON Boat Works and I must say we were very impressed with the product that we received. From the quality of the construction, the ease of the purchasing process right through to the attention to detail, it was clear that we had made the right decision.  It was very refreshing to see a boat builder take the time to rethink some of those design aspects that for years have always been thought of as standard issue.  Having the boys comfortable and confident with the boat definitely helped us in achieving what we did this season.
Glenn Bates - 2016
Rowing Master
Shore School - Sydney, Australia

Hudson has separated itself from the field of world-class boatbuilders.  They’ve done this through thoughtful design, innovative construction, and cutting edge technology.

The USP 8+ must be considered a landmark in the design and construction of racing shells. Many builders have incorporated new ideas over the years but Hudson got out of the traditional box and completely rethought how a racing boat should interact with its crew and environment. There is simply no other shell that has incorporated so many innovations in one sweeping move.

To top it off, the experience provided by the team at Hudson has been second to none.  From the respectful way they educate about their product, to the buying experience, to the service they provide after you have the boat in your boathouse.  At every step, Hudson has been exceptional.

Andrew G. W. Carter - 2016
Head Coach of Rowing
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA

We love partnering with HUDSON and watching them continue to redefine what it means to be leading edge. As their provider of SOLIDWORKS 3D design software, our tools and support help them maximize efficiency in design so they can focus on what they do best: creating and perfecting equipment built for the highest level of international competition. It’s great to see pure Canadian talent contributing to amazing advancements. We're excited to be on this journey with the best in the world. There’s nothing better than that.

John Carlan – 2016
Managing Director
Javelin Technologies – Oakville, ON, Canada